The serial version of the innovative four-wheel steering, which can be used by other manufacturers, is already ready.

The Hyundai Group is not at all interested in the global crisis caused by the pandemic. They continuously work on developing electric vehicles, fuel cell technology (hydrogen), and are also active in robotics.

The idea is not new at all, all-wheel steering provides incomparable advantages in maneuvering, stability at higher speeds, but also passability on extreme terrain.

Back in 2018 at the Consumer Electronics Show , Hyundai’s Mobis division presented a concept that, with the applied solutions, offers a number of advantages over the technology used so far.

In principle, we are talking about an electric assembly that responds to the commands of the steering wheel and, depending on the speed, it can turn the wheels in the same direction or in the opposite direction of the front wheels.

The system is called e-Corner Module and allows for a maximum reduction of the mechanical components that connect the steering wheel and the wheels. This frees up additional space that can be used to enlarge the interior.

No less important is that the e-Corner Module can be used regardless of the size of the platform, that is, in different classes of vehicles.

At the moment similar products – mainly SUVs – are offered by Toyota and GMC, and Tesla, Chevrolet, Rivian are also in an advanced stage of testing.

At the same time, an unusual moment is the management’s decision, as soon as the final tests are completed and the product enters serial production, to cede the patent to other manufacturers.

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