In the new factory that will be opened in Slovakia, Volvo will produce exclusively electric vehicles.

At the end of the year, the debut of the new SPA2 platform, intended exclusively for electric vehicles, is expected .

The successor to the most luxurious model of the range, the Volvo XC90 , as well as the Polestar 3 , which are produced in South Carolina, will be placed on that platform .

After the opening of the new factory in Slovakia – an investment of 1.25 billion dollars – which should happen in 2026, the evolved SPA2 platform will serve to produce the most luxurious SUV.

The same will be found in the electric successor of the compact, XC60.

Volvo will share the technology that will be used in Kosice with related brands from Zhejiang Geely Holding , such as Polestar , Geely , Lynk & Co and Lotus.

Volvo ‘s new factory in Slovakia will use a new, “megacasting” technology for large aluminum body parts that should mark a whole new phase in car construction.

What is current at the moment is, of course, the inauguration of the new SPA2 platform, which will take place at the end of the year.

With it, the flagship XC90 will be replaced by a new all-electric model that will likely be called Embla , thus breaking the tradition of calling models with alphanumeric names.

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