What are the current trends in maxi fashion when it comes to summer dresses, you might ask. Yes, summer has arrived and with it comes new collections, new and diverse solutions. If you usually shop for maxi fashion – summer dresses , you might notice that the trends favor both short and long models.

Yes, that’s right, both short and long maxi fashion dresses will be relevant this season. Of course, when it comes to short, these include those above mid-thigh and those just above the knee. They usually emphasize either a loose cut above the stomach or a belt in the pelvic area to hide slight imperfections and emphasize the pluses of the body shape. If we talk about long dresses, ankle length is mostly preferred. Some models have a layered fall of the dress along the length of the body, which also has the effect of hiding the tummy and any excess fat on the thighs.

Again in relation to its function as maxi fashion, these types of dresses come in a looser fit. That is, they descend more gently and airily on the body, without restricting it and making the extra pounds stand out. Accordingly, if you want to cover up a certain part of your body and emphasize its overall elegance and modern style, this type of dresses with loose cuts and different lengths can do a great job for you.

At the same time, dresses with various patterns are very popular. As for summer dresses, these are mostly abstract geometric shapes that strongly emphasize the modernity of the model, the modernity of the wearer of the dress and the elegance that the geometric shapes imply. But at the same time, traditional floral patterns are not left out. Of course, what’s more relevant in summer than a bright dress with a floral pattern? So you will mostly find these two types of summer maxi fashion dresses for your new collection.

Iridescent patterns are also very popular. These are dresses with several colors, the colors of which gently flow into each other without a sharp line between them. Instead, the border is blurred, as if pouring a puddle of the color onto the dress, which is then left free to spread where it will. Of course, this is not the method of manufacture, but we cannot deny that it is extremely efficient. In addition, it is definitely one of the most current trends in recent seasons, including for the summer of 2023.

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