An active lifestyle is directly related to material wealth, say scientists from the US National Institutes of Health.

American scientists have come to an unusual conclusion about the relationship between an active lifestyle and material well-being. The study, conducted by specialists from the US National Institutes of Health, lasted 10 years and included more than 19 thousand subjects.

Participants in the experiment were regularly asked to answer questions about their level of physical activity as well as other aspects of their daily lives. They shared information about how often they climb stairs, go outdoors and do housework, as well as their fatigue and comfort in these processes.

The scientists identified six categories in which they assessed the degree of mobility of the respondents. From zero, indicating difficulty in performing even the simplest physical tasks, to categories five and six, indicating complete freedom of movement.

However, the most striking finding was another: each point of reduction in activity corresponded to a reduction of $3,000 in annual income. While the active lifestyle, on the contrary, contributed to an increase in the financial situation.

The results of the study provide new insight into the importance of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. If the health of our finances is closely related to our level of physical activity, then maybe it’s time to think about positive changes in our routine?

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