Many of us dream of losing weight. There is no better time for that than summer. In addition, during the summer we have an additional incentive to lose weight – all the excess is visible, it cannot be hidden under multi-layered clothes. Also, only during the summer you can lose weight outdoors and improve your health at the same time. The bicycle will be your great ally in that.

Cycling can be a good basis for losing weight by burning fat, and there are no age restrictions for it. It is also important to note that cycling is extremely useful for both healthy people and those suffering from a disease (first consult your doctor about contraindications!). So, you can lose weight quite quickly by cycling, you just have to follow certain rules.

How often should it be driven?

Ideally, you should do this every day – seven times a week for one bike ride. Don’t worry, your body will have time to recover until the next day. The effect is achieved only with frequent regular rides.

You may skip the ride due to bad weather or health conditions. “Critical days” in women are not a reason to give up cycling, unless it is a question of severe pain.

Remember, every missed workout takes you away from your goal!

Cycling should last 90-120 minutes. It is only after this time that the fat burning process begins. But it should come gradually. Start with 15-30 minutes a day. If during the year you have actively engaged in some physical activity and you feel that you are in good shape, then you can start with 60 minutes.

Then, increase your cycling time by five minutes per day.

! If at some point, adding those five minutes, you feel that it is too difficult for you (your legs and joints hurt, your heart rate is higher than normal), then stay at the previous training time for another two to five days.

When to practice driving

When is the best time to ride a bike? It is determined by one’s abilities and desires. If you feel strong in the morning, ride an hour after breakfast. In the afternoon, when it is sunny, it is better not to sit on the bike, because the probability of sunburn or overheating is too great. It is recommended to do it in the evening.

In that case, you will have dinner 30-40 minutes after training and you will not have to deal with household chores, but you can relax in peace.

 When the goal is to burn fat, the path should be uniform. No high mountains or big climbs are necessary. A flat road is ideal.

Two important numbers

In order for cycling to be effective, it is necessary to monitor two indicators: the speed of movement and the speed of the heart beat.

The speed on flat terrain for women should be 15-20 km per hour, while men can drive faster.

Heart rate during fat burning activities should be in the range of 120 to 150 beats per minute.

With the help of a sports wristband you can determine how fast your heart beats without getting off the bike. Because if you stop every ten minutes to measure your heart rate, the effect of the training will be much weaker – so the ride should not be interrupted.

Check the pulse for the first time after ten minutes of driving, the second time – in the middle of the training, and the third time – after the end of the ride. If your heart rate is less than 120 beats per minute, then you should drive at a faster speed. If it is higher than 150, drive more slowly.

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