Hair is your personal stamp and hairstyle is an individual choice, but with these little tips from experts it can look even better

What is the best hairstyle for women over 40? Anyone who makes them feel comfortable and confident. Despite popular opinion, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the “right” hairstyles for women of a certain age.

For example, one of the biggest hair myths is that older women can’t have long hair.

However, there are certain styles that are more flattering as your features and hair change over the years. For example, maybe in your 20s and 30s you wanted to try all the hair color trends, and now you’re just looking for the best shade for your skin tone. Or maybe you want a hairstyle that will only take you a few minutes to look fantastic, or a hairstyle that will make you look younger. Here are some suggestions…

Long wavy hair

Long hair with soft waves can really be one of the best hairstyles for women over 40.

Brown believes that long hair can actually soften facial features, which tend to become sharper as you age. To get soft waves like the ones in the photo, use a round brush while blow-drying or consider heat-free curling products that you can sleep in and style the next day.

Short bob

With short hair to the chin you can achieve incredibly versatile hairstyles. Whether you leave your hair straight, in soft waves or with big curls. This hairstyle gives a refined look to the face and emphasizes femininity. You can also have light layers to give your hair more structure and dimension. You can also play with different shades of strands. As with the previous hairstyle, heat-free curling products are recommended to minimize damage to the hair.

Debt bob

Very similar to the previous hairstyle, only the length of the hair varies below the shoulders. It can make your face fuller and make you look younger. You can emphasize the volume of the hair with a slight taper and also this hairstyle does not have to be completely flat, but you can make slight degrees. This type of hairstyle is ideal for both straight and wavy hair.

The most important thing is that your hair is well-groomed and healthy. If you treat it with different styling devices, be sure to hydrate it well beforehand with masks or protect it with hair protection products from high temperatures.

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