This year, decorate your home according to the feng shui technique and thus invite positive energy, happiness and well-being

The Easter holidays are coming, so we use this period to choose decorations for the home, but it is very important to know which symbols we must have, because it is believed that they bring happiness, peace and well-being. Feng shui expert Maria Diamond also reveals where we should place them to attract positive energy and harmony among the household, as well as which objects we should avoid.

Easter bunny

In feng shui folklore, the bunny has a long history. Such figures represent fertility, abundance in love, wealth, immortality and happiness. A few white bunnies in the living room can attract good luck – which is great for Easter celebrations. It would be best to place them in the eastern part of the home, in the living room, dining room or office.

White lilies

White lilies represent purity, virtue, peace and divine energy. If you place a lily in the northwest of any space, you can attract encouragement and peace to the environment. The Northeast, an area known for spiritual growth, is another thriving area for these flowers. Lilies are also the most popular flower associated with funerals, as a symbol of rebirth or innocence after death. They are also good for attracting success. According to feng shui, you should avoid red flowers.

Decorations in the form of eggs

You can’t imagine Easter without eggs, which are considered protectors of fertility. By placing eggs around the home, you can make the environment more pleasant. In addition, egg-shaped decorations are welcome everywhere in the home for Easter time. They symbolize the family circle or the nest in which all family members feel secure and at ease. Place an egg plate in the western part of the home, dining room or living room.


The lamb symbolizes the Lord himself, born in a stable among lambs. He is a sacrificial lamb who patiently endures suffering and death, but also the lamb of God on the throne of heaven. Christ is also often presented as the good shepherd who looks after his sheep, which are mirrored by his faithful followers. Also, lambs are born in spring and signify new beginnings. Place these figures in the southern part of the home, in the living room, dining room or office.


The cross is the basic symbol of the Christian faith and no holiday can be imagined without it. Jesus was nailed to a cross and died on it, only to rise again after three days. Place it in the northwest part of the home, in the dining room, office or hang it above the door frame.

A candle

A candle illuminates the darkness. This is also how Christ is seen – as an eternal light that shows Christians the way from death to eternal life. According to Maria’s advice, place it in the northeast part of the home.

Palm branches, olives, green grass

They represent a symbol of peace. Decorate the southeast part of the home, that is, the room where you spend the most time, with the green twigs.

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