A married couple bought a prefabricated house, which they set up on their old family lot

In 2019, Nick bought a prefabricated house which he furnished in the next 18 months and for 28,000 euros he got his dream home.

He ordered a prefab house without interior work, which he placed on concrete pillars. Then, he brought electricity and water to the lot, which he installed in the house. After providing the basics, he furnished his small home and thus turned it into a luxury vacation home.

Now the family regularly comes to the old lot and enjoys nature every day off.

“I spent my vacation in this cottage with my wife, two teenage children and the dog. It was a bit tight but doable. It can comfortably accommodate two people, maybe two small children, it is important that the house is in nature, so you get the space outside”, said Nick.

See what the inside of their prefabricated house looks like…

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