Our home would not be complete without the objects found in it, so they should be functional and beautiful, but also have a special meaning that will remind us of some beautiful moments.

We’re sure you already have the basics you need, but there are some important details you may not know you’re missing that could help you create the perfect home.


Considering the large number of websites that offer affordable artwork, designer posters and creative decorations, there is no room for excuses for empty walls in the home anymore. Personal photos, original works, and even details like postcards and children’s drawings can look harmonious on your wall, bringing dynamism to the space. In some interiors we have seen a combination of photos and empty frames or mirrors, so that can also serve as an idea.


What makes a home interesting are the details in it, which often reveal our affinities, personality traits, and even our sense of humor! Ceramics, as the most functional decoration in the home, comes in various forms – geometric, minimalist, richly decorated, in the form of decorative dishes, but when it has a functional and not only a decorative function, then we know that it is a great piece for the space.


In one corner of the room, place several pots of greenery and you will see how it will immediately come to life. If you love to cook, plant basil, thyme and rosemary in beautiful jars and create your own garden. Our suggestion is to make a small wooden ladder yourself and place a plastic pot on each obstacle.


In addition to attracting attention and giving an elegant thread to the space, the coffee table in the hallway is a functional piece of furniture where you can leave your keys or wallet so that you don’t lose them or forget them on your way out. You can collect all the little things in a decorative box or in a decorative plate placed on the table in the hallway.


Jackets or coats draped over chairs or the nearest free surface are a sure recipe for a messy home. Hanger for coats and jackets or place hooks on the wall by the door to hang jackets, umbrellas and coats.

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