Lulu showed how a house of 15 square meters made of containers can look like

Life in unusual conditions is really possible, and this has been demonstrated by a single mother who lives with her young daughter in a shipping container.

Namely, the container was previously used to import goods from China, and Lulu managed to make a beautiful home out of it. Lulu is originally from a village in Australia, and now lives in America with her daughter.

Lulu is otherwise a single mother, who is not interested in the usual lifestyle. Namely, this woman is not someone who can work from 9 to 5, and she is not the type who would work just to pay the rent.

When it came time for Lulu to move out of her house, she found an amazing place to do it. Namely, she moved with her young daughter into an abandoned container for transporting goods.

The woman had no experience with construction, and managed to make a home from the container in just one month. Lulu spent $4,000 to install windows, insulation, and a kitchen with a camping stove and water heater.

“When you don’t have money, you have to be creative ,” said Lulu.

After visiting a nearby landfill several times, Lulu literally found everything she needed to build her home out of recycled material. Literally everything, from floors to closets, all used goods, but in excellent condition. It also has a bathtub, toilet, sink and a small playroom.

The container was only 15 square meters big, and Lulu realized after a while that they needed more space. So she built their new bedroom on the lower part of the camper.

Lulu fights against the standard stereotypes of normal mothers by trying to live a simple life and spend as much time as possible with her daughter.

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