Everything needed for life for two

In recent years, a new trend has developed in America that is hardly noticed in Europe: living in small houses. Some of them are mobile (made like a caravan) and some (like this one) are located on a small piece of land.

These are buildings of about twenty square meters, in which there is a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room and a bedroom. Two people can comfortably live in them.

Advantages of living in a tiny house:

1. Energy efficiency (they often have solar panels on the roof, which are enough to have hot water in the house, but also for heating)

2. Less cleaning and less repairs around the home (twenty square meters are cleaned faster than 200)

3. Cheaper maintenance (again, it’s easier to fix up a smaller home than a bigger one)

4. They are more comfortable and modest.

We present to you one of the most beautiful tiny houses we have seen on the Internet. It is built on foundations (which means it is not prefabricated), mostly of wood, with a lovely little garden and swimming pool – everything needed for a comfortable life for two adults.

Take a good look at the video and let us know if you find anything wrong with this house!

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