5 foods that contain the most vitamin D

Vitamin D encourages the normal functioning of the body, and its specific contribution to the greatest extent refers to the strengthening of immunity. “Vitamin D increases the ability of macrophages to recognize the enemy and destroy it. So the virus-killing cells, when they have enough vitamin D, activate that response and prevent inflammation and cytokine storm. In […]

Scientists have discovered: An active lifestyle is directly related to material wealth

An active lifestyle is directly related to material wealth, say scientists from the US National Institutes of Health. American scientists have come to an unusual conclusion about the relationship between an active lifestyle and material well-being. The study, conducted by specialists from the US National Institutes of Health, lasted 10 years and included more than 19 […]

Top 10 list of the most sold cars in the world

Every car enthusiast is interested in questions: which model is the best in the world, which cars are preferred in a particular country? This can be estimated on the basis of world sales statistics, which are regularly conducted by analytical agencies and are then available to a wide range of people. According to the latest report […]

The most unvisited places in the world

Although there are cities in the world that struggle with too many tourists, there are also places that almost no one visits. Yes, there are places on the list that offer neither cultural sights nor beautiful nature. But there are those that have beautiful beaches without crowds, the water is clean, the nature is beautiful, […]

Obsession with healthy food

The focus on supposedly healthy foods can turn into the opposite and lead to orthorexia , an increasingly common problem that threatens health The imperative of a healthy lifestyle is ubiquitous, from the consumer industry that promotes so-called healthy foods to the individual who, in his desire to be in top shape, reaches for the same, and the number of […]

3 suggested destinations for an autumn trip

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when October is mentioned? I don’t know about you, but for me this month is associated with long walks through a golden-orange forest, roasted chestnuts, pomegranate juice and a few days of travel. If you are a lover of travel, and I believe that there is no one […]

5 yoga poses that will help you get rid of toxic habits

We all have some bad habit that we want to quit. Whether it’s overwhelming worries or simply wanting to let go of toxic vices, it can sometimes seem like the most difficult task. This is where yoga comes into play. As one of the oldest practices for relaxation and maintaining a lean and healthy body, yoga […]

Volvo is intensively preparing for full electrification

In the new factory that will be opened in Slovakia, Volvo will produce exclusively electric vehicles. At the end of the year, the debut of the new SPA2 platform, intended exclusively for electric vehicles, is expected . The successor to the most luxurious model of the range, the Volvo XC90 , as well as the Polestar 3 , which are […]

What is the fashion in summer maxi dresses?

What are the current trends in maxi fashion when it comes to summer dresses, you might ask. Yes, summer has arrived and with it comes new collections, new and diverse solutions. If you usually shop for maxi fashion – summer dresses , you might notice that the trends favor both short and long models. Yes, […]